Map-quest8 to quest9 1

Map of Devil's Canyon and Dark Moon Bay


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Docks at Dark Moon Bay & Blue Flare Cannon

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Shipwreck at Dark Moon Bay

If you are still alive, walk along the shoreline toward the south/east. If you were sent back to the Resurrection Circle, it's best to avoid Devil's Canyon and walk along it's eastern border to get back around to Dark Moon Bay. Once you explore the docks, the quest is complete, but you can also wander out to the Shipwreck for some crystals if you'd like.

Flavor TextEdit

"Tyrah: Ah... you found the shipwreck. I combined my seed crystals together without thinking and created shoals right under my ship... so that's where its staying..."

"Tyrah: Every scientist needs a place to experiment. The sunspire is my latest creation, climb up to the top and let me know how my experiments are faring."


Access quest 10: Climb to the top of the Sun Spire