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Tyrah's Workshop


Go West to get back to Tyrah's Workshop at Base Camp. Go inside to finish the quest.

PLEASE NOTE: This quest is known to be buggy. The exact problem and solution remain a mystery, but if you enter Tyrah's Workshop and after 10 to 15 seconds you still do not get the next quest on your HUD, try the following, in order:

  1. Go back to any Linden Realms Portal Park and try a different portal. This will take you to a new instance of the game where you may have more success.
  2. Some users have reported that logging out of Second Life and then logging back in will clear up the issue. Since this process can be somewhat time consuming, it is recommended that you simply try a different portal first.
  3. Some users have reported that clearing the viewer's cache can help. Because this will require a re-log and time to re-load everything that is no longer cached, it is recommended that you try several portals before taking this step.
    • Editor's commentary ahead** Give up on the quests. Really, they aren't that interesting and you can earn more L$ (if that's what you're after) by collecting crystals and taking them to crystal collectors. really, you're not missing anything. You can try entering the workshop again occasionally to see if you complete the quest and can move on. Otherwise, just don't worry about it. After all this time, it's not likely that Linden Lab is going to fix it. Just try entering the workshop when you get on SL until it randomly works. ...or don't. ;)

Flavor TextEdit

"Tyrah: It seems that my recipes are not quite stable, and my island is falling apart. I could use your help to fire the flare cannons, and rebuild my portal, so we can escape before anything else goes wrong."

"Tyrah: I've figured out a recipe for a yellow flare. Please go collect these crystals, and we'll see if we can fire the cannon."



Access to quest 12: Collect 10 red crystals, 5 yellow crystals, and 5 orange crystals