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This Wikia wiki and the in-world group "Linden Realms (Unofficial)" are owned by iynque.loire in Second Life. Feel free to IM me with questions and comments.


9 December 2011, 12:18pm "kona: (kona.linden): Hey folks! We're aware that there are quest dialog issues and we're currently working to rectify it. If you see any other odd behavior, don't hesitiate to let me know. Will announce of further developments if new updates are implemented. Thank you!"

About Linden Realms[]

Linden Realms is a fun, creative, and engaging virtual experience produced and provided by Linden Lab. Linden Realms takes you through basic exploration and gameplay, where you can earn Linden dollars by gathering gems and completing quests. Crystals: there are blue, green, orange, yellow, and pink crystals. In order to exchange the crystals for lindens, you must go to one of the kiosks in the Linden Realms game, where there are machines to accept your crystals and give you lindens. The value of the crystals is discussed on the Crystals page of this wikia.

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