Map-yellow cannon

Map of the Yellow Flare Cannon and Tyrah's Workshop


Go to the Yellow Cannon, east/north of the Workshop. Once you find the cannon, click on it to fire and the quest will be complete. Return to Tyrah's Workshop for another quest.

PLEASE NOTE: This quest is known to be buggy. The exact problem and solution remain a mystery, but if the cannon will not fire for you, try the following, in order:

  1. Go back to any Linden Realms Portal Park and try a different portal. This will take you to a new instance of the game where you may have more success.
  2. Some users have reported that logging out of Second Life and then logging back in will clear up the issue. Since this process can be somewhat time consuming, it is recommended that you simply try a different portal first.
  3. Some users have reported that clearing the viewer's cache can help. Because this will require a re-log and time to re-load everything that is no longer cached, it is recommended that you try several portals before taking this step.

Flavor TextEdit

"Tyrah: I sure hope this gets their attention... I've got other cannons to fire if you have time..."

After returning to the Workshop:

"Tyrah: Strangely, everything I make catches fire... this ought to make for a nice blue flare..."



Access to quest 14: Collect 15 yellow, 7 red, and 7 orange crystals